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A YOGA + MYOFASCIAL RELEASE Weekend-long Retreat


A nurturing and therapeutic weekend combining restorative, alignment based, and gentle flow yoga classes with self myofascial release techniques designed to soften connective tissue restrictions and restore harmony within the body.

The priority during this retreat is to facilitate sacred space for you to feel safe; and help you develop or enhance a reverent connection to and radical acceptance of your body.

In addition to asana practice and myofascial release self treatment techniques; guided meditation, facilitated group conversation, and an opportunity to receive one-on-one myofascial release with Jahara will be included as a part of this nourishing retreat.

In addition to structured time, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of free space for you to enjoy the majesty of the landscape, restore in the ways that you need, mender amongst the trees, soak in the salt water pool, connect with someone new, or simply sit quietly and reflect. 

Throughout the weekend, all of your delicious meals will be prepared fresh on-site by Sagrada Wellness’s talented cooks and infused with love. Meal times will be a wonderful opportunity for you to nourish your body while connecting with others. 

Lastly, if you find that you need some time to explore outside the bounds of the wellness center and want to take a trip to the coast… There are many breathtaking local beaches for you to nestle your feet under the sand, bask in the sun, or dive in the sea.

We hope you will join us for a weekend devoted to your healing. 

All bodies, all hearts, all levels welcome.

Friday-Sunday, July 26-28th, 2019 at The Sagrada Wellness Center

Retreat schedule, more information, and to sign up click here!