Myofascial Release Therapy

Wild Radiance custom Myofascial Release Therapy programs are designed to help clients positively shift the way in which they inhabit their body and life. Ultimately, helping them to return to or enhance engagement in the life roles and activities that are most meaningful to them. Single, three, five, and ten session programs are offered in addition to home program instructional sessions.


75-min evaluation + treatment: $115, includes 15-20 min of postural/movement analysis and review of the new client intake form. The remaining 55-60 minutes will be hands on myofascial release therapy and movement education.

After the initial evaluation + treatment, therapeutic sessions will primarily be hands-on myofascial release, ongoing postural analysis, and movement education.


One 60-min session: $90


Three 60-min sessions: $255 — Session two and three must be completed within 8 weeks from session one.


Five 60-min sessions: $400 — Sessions two through five must be completed within 12 weeks from session one.


Ten 60-min sessions: $750 — Sessions two through ten must be completed within 22 weeks from session one.


One 60 min instructional session: $140, for individuals who have completed at least five custom therapeutic sessions. This instructional session will solely be devoted to teaching clients a customized home program. The price includes time investment necessary for creating a custom program and in person instruction.


One super bill: $10, for individuals who would like to submit a super bill to their insurance for occupational therapy treatment reimbursement. *Wild Radiance is an out of network provider; this is a printed super bill given directly to the client (NOT to the insurance company).

Supporting documents: $10 per document, for individuals who need supporting documentation (eg: standardized assessments, progress notes, etc) when submitting a super bill to their insurance company for reimbursement.


Fill out the form: to schedule a session or, if you have clarifying questions first, set up a time to speak with me for a free 20 minute consultation call…