Sharing the Love

LorelieCircleJahara helped ease my hip pain with Myofascial Release. Her gentle, precise guidance felt nurturing and safe. The techniques she taught me are continuing to make me feel better and better. Receiving this beautiful work from such a knowledgeable and inspiring soul is such a gift. I really enjoyed my session with Jahara and look forward to more! -Lorelie, RN, RSMT/E


My first experience in Jahara’s workshop was exceptional. It was terrific learning about the anatomy and how it relates to the yoga poses. I am truly grateful that I was able to have experienced one of her offerings and I look forward to more!”  -Vikki

Your class today was the pinnacle of my weekend getaway. After three and a half hours of driving in the snow I still have a yoga buzz! Thank you for sharing your compassion.”  -Clare

​”That Jahara, she is really wonderful, very special.”  –Joan