Jahara is an incredible practitioner… I was pleasantly surprised by how gentle and relaxing the Myofascial Release treatment was. She had to peel me off the table! If you are having chronic pain or have sports injuries, this is definitely the therapy to try, and Jahara is the one to see. I feel like I have been walking a little taller since my visit.

Bianca, L.Ac



Jahara helped ease my hip pain with Myofascial Release. Her gentle, precise guidance felt nurturing and safe. The techniques she taught me are continuing to make me feel better. Receiving this beautiful work from such an inspiring and knowledgeable soul is such a gift. I really enjoyed my session and am looking forward to more!

Lorelie, RN, RSMT/E



Jahara is a skilled and intuitive Myofascial Release practitioner who I’m so thankful to know! She came into my life at the most perfect time to help shed some light on a decade long struggle with sciatic hip pain and a shoulder injury. These issues were becoming chronic areas of need in my body for which I had sought many avenues and paths to healing, including years of chiropractor visits, Orthopedic Specialist appointments, and massage therapy. It wasn’t until I had my first Myofascial Release session with her that I realized this was the key I was searching for to unlock and ultimately release the habitual patterns of pain and inflammation in my body. Her program is based on teaching you how to carry over the Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques into your daily life using an individualized plan with easy to follow exercises. Jahara’s website is not only full of beautiful Central Coast images that reflect her love of the ocean, but also provides information on her rates with affordable packages, upcoming yoga events, and what MFR entails.

Laura Martinez Ruffing, Early Intervention Specialist


SaraE Circle

I knew I was going to get what I needed from the moment I stepped into Jahara’s office. I had been experiencing really intense hip and occasional knee pain that struck when I was getting up from the ground or out of bed. She helped put some of the pieces together as to why these pains were occurring and also helped me uncover some current emotional pieces contributing as well. I felt seen and heard without any preconceived notions or judgements. I no longer experience the pain in my joints and feel excited to go back to get adjustments to stay relaxed and in my body.

Sara E, Certified Holistic Nutritionist


Jahara’s personal journey brings depth and compassion to her many offerings. She is highly educated in the realms of the mind and body integration. I have learned a lot from her. She exudes divinity; she is a blessing to our community. Thank you Jahara for bringing the goods!!

Katie Franklin, student


My first experience in Jahara’s workshop was exceptional. It was terrific learning about the anatomy and how it relates to the yoga poses. I am truly grateful that I was able to have experienced one of her offerings and I look forward to more!  

Vikki, student


Your class today was the pinnacle of my weekend getaway. After three and a half hours of driving in the snow I still have a yoga buzz! Thank you for sharing your compassion.  

Clare, student


That Jahara, she is really wonderful, very special.  

Joan, student


Retreat Testimonials

As I pause for a moment to reflect on my time at Sagrada Wellness Retreat, my heart is full and filled with gratitude. From the moment we pulled up and set foot on the property we knew it was going to be special. We stayed in the king suite with the most comfortable bed in a spacious well designed building it had all the features you could ask for. Our patio opened up near the saltwater pool with a perfect spot to star gaze!

Our retreat class focus was myofascial release & yoga with Jahara — which was completely amazing!

The group of 10 were all surrendering with joy and love for the practice, intent & appreciation for the 3 days we were together. There were visitors from around the world and friendships were formed to last a lifetime. I am filled with so many blessing I can’t wait to return. Namaste.

Joan, retreat student


Spent an incredible 3 days at Sagrada last weekend with two dear yogi friends. The owners have created a Sagrada ‘sacred’ spot in Santa Margarita. The rooms are clean, beautifully decorated, and exude calm. The meals were vegetarian, tasty, healthy, and flavorful. Our yoga teacher for the weekend, Jahara, taught us so much about myofascial release and traditional yoga. Haven’t felt that relaxed and open in a long time! The living area and communal dining room are warm and inviting; met a lovely group of people. If you’re looking for a peaceful, clean, lovingly created getaway, Sagrada won’t disappoint. Can’t wait for the next yoga weekend.

Maria, retreat student


If you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing getaway to recharge then you will be very pleased with a retreat at Sagrada. As soon as you arrive you are greeted by Shiva… and any stress you felt soon disappears. It feels like you are staying with a friend right from the start. I enjoyed the peacefulness of the property including the hammocks under the shady tree, the salt water pool, and hot tub. The delicious food was prepared with love by Ricardo and Lourdes. The bedroom was cozy and the bed was so comfortable. The yoga retreat was led by Jahara who was amazing. Her positive energy was felt by all the guests; she created a feeling of community after the first few hours. By the end of the retreat, we all felt refreshed and grateful. Eva and her husband have created a wonderful home away from home where strangers become friends. I highly recommend it and plan to go again soon.

Lina, retreat student


Did something totally for myself this past weekend and had the most transformative experience – body, mind and spirit – participating in a yoga and myofascial release retreat (I experience chronic pain so let me tell you this stuff works!). Went there on my own but instantly felt like home surrounded by family in the most tranquil and gorgeous setting.

Thank you to Jahara Sara Seitz and the beautiful people who make up Sagrada, and of course the most genuine and kind individuals who shared this journey with me. 

Honor the call within even if it scares you. I did and it turned out to be exactly where I most needed to be. Jahara, thank you for such a transformative experience. One of the best decisions was to join this retreat!

Jenny, retreat student