Video Call Offerings

SELF CARE HOME PROGRAMS are available for clients who would like an individualized self myofascial release and accessible yoga sequence designed to meet specific areas of pain, needs, and goals.

The New Client Program includes:

*45 min – New Client Session video call: assessing posture, movement and pain points.

*Downloadable PDF file (emailed to the client) with images and detailed instructions for a comprehensive home self care program.

*60 min – Home Program Instructional Session video call: review home program sequence, provide demonstrations for each technique, and answer questions.

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HOME PROGRAM REVISION + CHECK INS are also available after a client has completed the new client program. These are provided in order to refine the self care sequence and to address client questions.

The Home Program Revision + Check In includes:

*30 minute video call: Review the sequence as needed and address any related concerns/questions regarding the home program.

*Downloadable PDF file with images and detailed instruction of the revised home program sequence.

*30 minute video call: Home Program Revision Instructional Session: provide demonstrations for each new technique and answer related questions.

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ACCESSIBLE YOGA VIDEO CLASSES are available for groups (of two or more people) who would like tailored classes designed around a certain theme or any distinct needs. Please be in touch with any questions, to schedule your first class, and to inquire about rates for video classes: connect with me here!